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I have known I want to help people since I was very young. I just didn’t know how, what or where. I am now in my sixties, and after more than 15 years of living in Colombia, I am finally able to fulfil my need to help.

Having lived in Paluato for some years, I have come to know the residents of the village. I was so moved by the poor living conditions, that it was immediately clear to me that I was going to do something to improve them. Starting with nutrition and education, and in the long term by teaching the people to learn how to grow their own food and be able to provide for themselves.

Obviously I cannot do this alone. I am very grateful for the help and support from abroad and of course from my husband Jeovanny and his daughter Silvia.

Inten Hoek - - +57 300 814 6070


The lack of opportunities in parts of Colombia means that people lose their dreams. I want to help the children, young people and families of Paluato, Guaimaral and Galapa to realise their dreams and bring them closer to their goals.

I aim to do this by helping them with their education/training and in creating values of equality and respect. I want to show people that their situation is not hopeless. I hope I can contribute to the achievement of their dreams and goals.

Jeovanny de Marchena - -

+57 300 814 6070



The huge amount of poverty in my country made me feel the need to do social work and give support to people who need it.

The children from Paluato, Guaimaral and Galapa desperately need help so that they can live their lives with dignity and have fair opportunities. Development through education is something I find very important.I work on projects in the foundation that focus on education and recreation. Besides my commitment to the foundation, I study law at university.

Silvia de Marchena - -

+57 301 366 5812




My name is Everien Hamelink- v.d. Voort, teacher and remedial teacher.

I came into contact with the foundation in 2012. I was looking for a place to work as a volunteer. After an inspiring Skype conversation with Inten I decided to go to Colombia. My first two months in Paluato, were so special and rewarding that I returned in 2013 for another two months.

I was able to contribute in my own way through, amongst other things, teaching and recreation. At Inten and Jeovanny’s request, I’m now pursuing the interests of the foundation in the Netherlands. I want to commit myself to helping to make it possible for the wonderful work of the foundation to continue.

Everien - - +31 174624607 


My name is Eelco Hamelink. I’m the owner of Hamelink Refrigeration in Honselersdijk in the Netherlands and I´m Everien´s husband.

Our company has supported small charities for many years. Charitable organisations are well supported in our region. When Everien went to Colombia to do volunteer work for the foundation in 2012, I was of course, closely involved. Everien´s experiences caused me to become increasingly involved in the work of the foundation in Colombia. When Everien took over the foundation’s interests in The Netherlands in 2013, it didn’t take me long to decide to become a board member of the foundation.

We went to Colombia together for the first time in 2015 and I saw for myself the good work being done there and how much the help is needed. Besides our private commitment, we give support to the Iparautu foundation through our business.

Eelco -