Children with disabilities have few opportunities in Colombian society. They can´t attend mainstream schools, therefore they frequently end up staying at home or on the street. The foundation has established a school for children with disabilities. Five children aged between five and sixteen years old come to school at the foundation every day.

The school’s teacher is assisted by volunteers. In this way we try to give the children as much individual attention as possible so that they can develop at their own level. The foundation would like to help more children, but because of the great diversity in age and type of disability, it is not possible for one teacher to teach more than five children.

The school hours are from 8am until 2pm. As the children get little to eat at home, the foundation provides them with lunch so they get at least one good meal a day. The school is popular with parents,because this is one of the few places where their children are not ostracised. In addition, the mothers now have time to work or study and due to the volunteers, the children gain a broader perspective on the world.